Who we are and what we do....

We're a family that loves to be together. J Street isn't our first family business; in fact Rose (second from left) went to work at 5 1/2 weeks old and grew up helping mom run our previous store. She is now the manager at J Street! Ron too was born and raised in the business and while Lindsey wasn't born into the biz, she was loved in, and has a passion for owning her own business someday. As for mom and dad, we've been buying, selling, and serving customers for more than 35 years--and we still love it!

Our mission with J Street Vintage is two-fold: one, to have a fantastic retail business full of wonderful items to sell, and second, to be part of our nation's social solution. Not only are we keeping items out of the landfill but we are also committed to using recycled materials and reducing our own business byproducts.  Additionally, we are pursuing opportunities through which we can be strong community members supporting others in our community.